Apr 10, 2019 v0.7.5

New Paypal purchasing is now live for adding Candidit credits to your account.

Apr 8, 2019 v0.7.5

Fixed Improved speed on render
Enhanced Map now reflects colors - Yellow, Green, Red based on relative fit score.
Removed removed academic login and admin login from multisite template

Apr 2, 2019 v0.7.4

New Select location interest by metro area
Enhanced metro area selection by search function on profile
Removed Location selection by address only

Mar 18, 2019 v0.7.3

Fixed Issues with non-rendering of QR code reader on some mobile devices
New Account Search feature - full user search feature added

Mar 2, 2019 v0.7.2

New QR Code Reader! - new QR code functionality for Candidits and Companies

Feb 18, 2019 v0.7.1

Fixed Morbi quis tellus quis mauris pretium semper et ut lacus.
New Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Enhanced In semper elit a convallis convallis.
Removed Morbi pellentesque enim vel felis lobortis, vitae aliquet nunc facilisis.

Feb 2, 2019 v0.7.0

New JST - multisite release of fit score
Enhanced Update the FIT score algorithm to better match the totality of the Candidit's experience.