Change the way you recruit. Forever.

A one-step platform that connects Candidits™, Colleges and Companies around a universal competency-based recruitment exchange.


We reduce pain in the application process.

Candidits™ simply upload a verifying document. Once uploaded, their detailed experience is mapped to 30,000+ competencies and matched to jobs and education

We deliver powerful hard skill and soft skill analysis.

We don't have a skills gap, we have a data chasm in the recruiting and hiring process. Candidit™ goes well beyond the resume, providing both FIT and match analysis from any position to any Candidit™

We account for the unique experience of each individual.

We help reduce hiring bias while uncovering the uniqueness of each individual within a fully branded and customizable recruiting experience.

We build on verified career information.

We utilize data from only trusted and verified sources and documentation. Our technology leverages powerful machine learning algorithms in development since 2012. This is a game-changer.

We create competency-based hiring technology.

We've done the hard work of identifying and extensively mapping 30,000+ competencies. By 2020 we will have the most comprehensive competency-mapping system having mapped military occupations, college courses, credentials, and even assistive technology for individuals with disabilities.

To help change the way you recruit and retain the very best talent.

Contact us to learn more about our suite of products and to ask how you can become a founding member of our new Military Candidit™ Exchange. Lower costs. Less bias. Higher retenion. Better Candidits™.